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Credit module TBI Bank 1.0.11


  • Inverter Function YES
  • Operating Limits Cooling -15 ~ 43
  • Heating - 15 ~ 24
  • Coolant R410A
  • Ionizer YES
  • Filters 1 x Silver Ion & amp; 1 x Active Carbon
  • Additional Features Smart Glow Function "SP" YES
  • Turbo Mode YES
  • Smooth Start "Low Intensity" YES
  • Smart defrost function YES
  • Self-diagnostic system YES
  • Dehumidification YES
  • Auto Restart function YES
  • Self-cleaning function YES
  • Lock Function YES < The fresh and clean air that we find in mountains and forests always offers man a sense of well-being and refreshing energy. This is because air contains a very large percentage of negative ions. An ionizer air conditioner produces negative ions and thus provides us with a cleaner and healthier environment as it has: Antibacterial action, action against pollution and action against unpleasant odors.

    Smart Warm-up function < br />
    With the smart preheating function, the air conditioner starts operating on the heating with a small delay of 1 - 5 minutes in order to first heat the copper pipe, so that cold air does not come out of the air conditioner. This prevents the introduction of cold air at the start of operation of the air conditioner, resulting in no inconvenience to the user.

    Smart Defrost Function

    The traditional defrost mode operates on a factory-scheduled start time. So the defrost function can be applied even when the air conditioner does not need it. With the smart defrost function, the air conditioner defrosts only when it really needs it, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption and a more comfortable indoor temperature environment.

    Turbo mode

    Using this function Cooling the space (4th speed) is achieved faster.

    Self-cleaning function

    The function ensures the removal of dirt, dust and unpleasant odors from the inner element. Clean interior means a healthy atmosphere, better efficiency and energy savings.

    Smooth Start function

    Offers extra protection of the panel at home, in case for example there are many air conditioners. When a conventional air conditioner starts operating, high power is required at start-up. If there are a lot of air conditioners this can cause a problem in the panel of the house. With the Smooth Start function, the air conditioner is activated at low current intensity during the start, resulting in the extra protection of the panel at home.

    Light function

    Option to show or hide the operation lights on the indoor unit.

    Lock the remote control

    Locking the air conditioner functions via the remote control ensures that it cannot be accidentally used by children or a pet.

    Standby 1W

    In standby mode, when the air conditioner is off, the consumption is less than 1Watt. This reduces energy consumption when the air conditioner is not operating up to 80% per day, compared to conventional 4-5W models.

    Photocatalytic filter
    Against bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odors.

    Activated carbon filter
    Against unpleasant odors.

    Auto Restart function
    In case of power failure, the air conditioner remembers the mode of operation before the interruption. When the power is restored, the air conditioner starts operating automatically in the same mode before the interruption.

    Automatic fault diagnosis
    The air conditioner has an electronic fault diagnosis system. In the event of a fault, inform the indoor unit of the type of problem to be fixed immediately.

    DC Rotary Compressor
    High efficiency, low consumption and quiet operation compressor.

    Night Operation